¿When and What to do in Galapagos?


Galapagos Islands are the most beautiful and unique places of the world that you could go in every time of the year because it is one of the main natural reserves of the world although, the water and air temperature keeps relatively stable all year long some times change it but it create some interesting nature events that are the reasons what make the world visitors come here. The islands give you different types of recreation since ecotourism for Leisure , between sport, cultural, adventure and family journeys. Choose the best time or season of the year that fits your trip preferences.


December to February: From December air and sea temperatures are starting to go up. Seas are calmer and there is slightly more sunshine interspersed with some little rain, which causes vegetation to start greening up again.

penguincarnIn January to February: brings hot, mostly sunny weather with the odd cloudburst and warm relatively calm seas. That it is high season in the Galapagos Islands. For this season we recommend to visit Isabela island and Santa Cruz on the middle of February in Carnival season because Penguins migrate away from Bartholeme to cooler waters of Isabela and Marine iguanas nest on Santa Cruz therefore it is the BEST TIME of the year to snorkel; flamingos and Galapagos doves start nesting and Isabela Giant tortoise eggs are still hatching.

sharkscarJune to August: The Humboldt Current is particularly prevalent in this dry season the weather it is warm and Giant tortoises on Santa Cruz come down to the lowlands to look for nesting sites. Birds migrating north use the Galapagos Islands to rest. Humpback Whales pass the Galapagos Islands from June to September. Whale sharks may be seen in the far northwestern islands towards the end of the month. The endemic short-eared owl starts mating on Genovesa Island. Also in july Whales and dolphins off the west coast of Isabela, whale sharks near Darwin and Wolf islands. American oystercatchers nest on Santiago. Flightless cormorants court and nest on Fernandina. Sea bird colonies are breeding. Blue footed booby chicks are at their cutest and most photogenic in July. Greater flamingoes court potential mates with a dance-like ritual. The first frigatebird chicks start to hatch.


snorkelcarMarch to May: has hot, humid, sunny weather between cloudbursts. Warm, calm seas make for pleasant Galapagos cruise. April Seas are calm and warm and continues few days of hot sunny weather,l interrupted by heavy but short showers of rain. May weather in the Galapagos is still hot with occasional rain, not quite as much sunshine and the sea has a little more swell, though it’s still warm for snorkeling.

cruiseThe nature in March brings Marine iguanas nest on Fernandina and North Seymour. Waved albatrosses start to arrive back on Española at the end of March. Hatching season of giant Galapagos tortoise eggs continues. Galapagos Penguins on Isabela island. Frigatebirds inflate their red throat pouches for the mating season on San Cristobal and Genovesa islands. In May Waved albatross are laying eggs on Española Island and in april Green sea turtle eggs begin to hatch als the Mating dance of blue-footed boobies on North Seymour in this season we have a 6 Days island Hopping Tour Called Follow Darwin´s Voyage Exploring San Cristobal, santa Cruz and Isabela island with multisport activities.

September to November: Cool but comfortable air temperature with little sunshine, overcast and windy days but little rain – nice weather for walking, Ideal for a Galapagos daily navigable tour in this low season the hotel, land and sea tour are very convenient for their low cost, ideal for families and group of friends. Although the weather is cold, is good time to dive and see variety of sea fauna because there is a Chance of seeing whale sharks in the northwest of the archipelago or humpback whales migrating past the islands Galapagos penguins busy courting on Bartolome. Male sea lions are fighting to win or defend their harems of females. Lots of sea birds at nest sites.

There are many things to consider an unforgettable trip to the Galapagos Islands,
don´t lose the opportunity to take this marvelous voyage.